Welcome to Lismore Comprehensive School, Craigavon.

Mathematics Department.

In Lismore all pupils follow a common scheme of work and assessment throughout Key stage 3. Work associated with this scheme is then differentiated to meet the individual needs of our students and pitched at a level which will provide challenge and yet allow everyone to taste success. Maths can be challenging but also fun.

Year 13 students at work

Year 13 students at work

We strongly believe in the importance of the individual and therefore all assessments are carried out with this in mind; success is measured against individual targets, determined in year 8 and maintained by the class teacher.

In year 11 all pupils begin a programme of study following the CCEA specification for GCSE Mathematics. The six units, T1 to T6, offer a number of permutations for level of entry in year 12 depending on the level of ability and mathematical competence of each student. In year 11 they will sit one of either T5 or T6, while in year 12 they will sit one of either T2, T3 or T4.

Year 11 students are also offered the option of studying for a GCSE qualification in Further Mathematics which provides an excellent platform for those wishing to progress after GCSE to study Mathematics at A’level.

In year 13 pupils can opt to study for an Edexcel AS qualification in Mathematics which should subsequently lead on to the A2 qualification in year 14. This is proving to be a very popular choice within the school.

Mathematics is the way we all explore and evaluate the world around us. In Lismore we aim to foster an interest and enjoyment of Mathematics, to stimulate the curiosity of our students to find answers and ultimately provide them with the fundamental Mathematical skills required for adult life and further study.

Newton ponders the fallen apple

Newton ponders the fallen apple

Millions saw the apple fall but only Newton asked